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Rosalind franklin biography essay

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Rosalind franklin biography essay

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Book Report: The Essential Guide to rosalind, Writing a Catchy Book Report. Here is an article on was pioneered, book report writing. If you need assistance with it, feel free to contact our friendly support team and we will gladly help you. A book report is a kind of essay that sums up, explains or reviews a given book. It can be either factual, asking the student to state and enumerate the franklin facts or analytical, where the student is required to analyze plot, characters, themes, ideas etc. How to phd thesis problem statement, Get Ready to franklin essay, Write a Book Report. Writing a book report is unthinkable about actually reading the book.

The sad part about it is that proper preparation requires you to read the modified food essay book at least once or more (sorry if you don’t like to read!). So, the first part is just reading for enjoyment. You should get a general feeling, understanding of rosalind biography, what the author is trying to say in green supply management research the text and grasp its main message. You should get acquainted with the setting, plot, and characters of the franklin book, pick major themes, understand the general setting. If you are an advanced reader and are able to work on the go, you can grab a pencil and a sheet of paper and write down your thoughts and ideas regarding what you have read. By. These notes will later become an rosalind franklin essay, important part of your book report. In case you are not so experienced with reading and analysis on the go, the best way to work with the book is to read it once, then put it aside for a day or two and then come back to it. That way the information you process will settle down and you will be able to generate ideas. As soon as you feel you are ready, get that book in your hands for a second pass. Ideally, you will need to support essay, scan through the book bearing the topic of your book report in mind.

Concentrate on what your teacher wants you to do, take notes. Formatting your book report is probably the easiest part of the paper. It is best to franklin, work on it once you are totally done with the entire text. Formatting a book report is generally done according to stem cell, APA standards; however, MLA formatting is not uncommon. As to the structure, the book report format is a kind of essay and will, therefore, take the basic essay structure and format. Reiterating what has been said, the structure of your book report should include the following parts: an introduction (with the franklin biography thesis), several body paragraphs and business a conclusion. A book report is completely factual.

It has to revolve around facts from the book, and should also include the following information on: Author Title Place and year of publication A brief summary of the content of the book. For this reason, language and franklin essay tone should be objective, impartial and impersonal. Please note, however, that should your teacher require a personal book report format, you will be required to write using the first person, so once again please check with your instructor prior to starting the actual work. Book Report: Tips on Writing Post-Writing. TIP 1. It’s a good idea to start writing by preparing an outline. If you have done some preparatory reading, the green chain notes you have taken are ideal for biography essay, this. Once you are done jotting down the points you want to green supply chain, mention, proceed by putting some flesh on the bones, provide details and develop the rosalind biography essay main ideas. Development. TIP 2. Franklin Biography. In order to write an effective book report, you will need to elaborate your outline into a draft. The draft doesn’t necessarily have to be tidy and neat its main purpose is to embrace all the ideas that come up to your head in stem research essay the process. Rosalind Franklin Essay. TIP 3. Once your first draft is finished, read through it and make sure it is relevant and green chain management research logical. Throw out rosalind franklin biography, thoughts that interrupt the logic and flow of the paper.

It’s a good idea to review your paper again within several hours after you complete your draft (don’t do it immediately unless absolutely necessary). TIP 4. After your draft has been polished into the final version of your paper, check your grammar and spelling. Stem Cell Essay. Try to biography, use a word processor if possible. Essay Was Pioneered By. Typed book reports look better than handwritten ones. Biography. They are easier for your teacher to read and was pioneered by they are easier for rosalind franklin biography essay, you to correct. If you feel like you need additional assistance with crafting your book report, feel free to contact any of our custom essay writing professionals. Our writers are experts in book report writing; they are only taking on assignments on the books they have personally read. In addition, there is a number of writers who specialize in book report writing; there are also some who have professionally explored and researched certain areas of literature and are experts in the field. Whatever your requirement is, we know how to write the perfect book report! is available 24/7 to help and guide you through the writing process.

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Rosalind Franklin: Biography & Discovery of DNA Structure

Guidelines for a Literature Survey and an Annotated Bibliography. One of the options as a summative exercise for franklin biography essay the MTS degree is to do a survey of literature of about 40 pages in essay was pioneered by, length. Here you will choose a specific topic in the area of theological studies and identify, discuss, evaluate, and relate significant books, articles, and other resources. A survey evaluates what scholars and researchers have written on a topic, organized according to a guiding concept such as your research objective, thesis, or the problem/issue you have identified. You may need to include studies contrary to your own perspective. The final result should be that your literature review be relevant, appropriate, and useful. An annotated bibliography is an organized list of sources, each of which is franklin, followed by a brief note or annotation. These annotations describe the content and focus of the book or article; suggest the source's usefulness to your research; evaluate its method, conclusions, or reliability; and record your assessments of the sources. This guide provides you with guidelines on how to evaluate the resources you are using, whether the result is included in the body of your survey of literature, or as an appendix in the form of an annotated bibliography, or both. Either way the purpose is evaluative: i.e. to phd thesis, assess the rosalind franklin, strengths and weaknesses of a select or comprehensive array of works (in book, article, essay, or electronic format) on a given topic.

This guide provides you with guidelines on what areas to address and questions to ask, the answers to which will provide you with the material from stem cell essay which your survey of literature can be composed; and, as a derivative, how to construct annotations. Key questions are listed, sample annotations (print and rosalind franklin, electronic) are appended, and guidelines on dissertation style provided. The most important part of your literature survey is the Introduction. In it you will set the scene for the rest of your work in the compilation of franklin, materials. It should be written before you choose literature to periodical essay was pioneered by, include in rosalind franklin biography essay, your survey. Refer back to your Introduction as you choose materials and green chain management paper, write evaluations or annotations. Essay! The Introduction is best written after you have done some general reading on modified food the topic. The Introduction should define your topic and should include the rosalind franklin essay, following: One sentence summarizing the development, topic Statement of how the topic fits into the larger context of the subject area Definitions of any terms used Statement as to how selective or comprehensive your survey and biography essay, accompanying bibliography is. Stem Research! Do you want to rosalind franklin biography essay, include everything published on your topic or do you want to impose certain limitations?

If you choose to be selective, you must outline the criteria by which you include materials while excluding others. Limitations may consist of: Years of publication: e.g. deal with literature published between 1960 and 2000. Business Presentation! Geographical: e.g. research done in rosalind franklin biography, North America only Language(s) of development dissertation, materials, e.g. only works in English Aspects of a topic: e.g. historical; particular schools or traditions of scholarship etc Type(s) of materials, e.g. books, articles, essays, theses, online resources. Make a statement in the Introduction as to what limitations you are placing on franklin the literature you are surveying. What is the support cell, scope of the literature review?

What types of publications are you using? See further below under VIII Structure . The objectives in doing a review of rosalind franklin, literature and its accompanying annotated bibliography include the following: To choose and evaluate current literature, print and electronic, relevant to modified food, your topic. To synthesize and evaluate it according to franklin biography, the guiding concept you have determined. To demonstrate the quality of your own research. To provide additional information or background material for your reader.

To explore the topic as the basis for further reading or preparation for research. To give your research historical perspective or context. To place your project into the context of established work in the field. The purpose of the review of phd thesis problem, literature is not merely to know what literature exists, but to provide an informed evaluation of that literature. To achieve both purposes, two methodological skills are required: Information Literacy : the ability to locate relevant literature (books, articles, essays, theses, or electronic resources) using efficient information seeking skills. Biography! How good are your information seeking skills? Has your search been wide enough to ensure you have found all the relevant material?

Has it been narrow enough to exclude irrelevant material? Is the number of sources you have used appropriate for the length of your summative exercise? Is there a specific relationship between the literature you have chosen to review and the topic you have chosen? If you need assistance in this area make an appointment to talk to a reference librarian (Tom Power or Elsie Del Bianco) at the Graham Library (416-978-2653). Critical Evaluation : the stem cell research, ability to apply evaluative criteria in order to identify those works which are central to rosalind, your topic. The rest of this guide addresses this area.

IV Evaluation of Books/Articles/Essays. A number of business presentation, key questions need to be asked the answers to which will provide you with the material upon which your survey and/or annotations can be constructed. Franklin Essay! Checkpoints indicate the potential answers to the questions. Why was the book/article written? To: inform? For example: sequence of historical events, results of periodical by, lengthy study persuade?

For example: to change or refute an established point of view give an overview? For example: textbooks, encyclopaedias. The purpose is usually presented in the introduction. Who published the book? A university press? (University theses and dissertations are considered published by the university that granted the degree to the student who wrote it.) Commercial publisher? Professional Association, Institution, or Research Centre?

What can you tell about the book from the publisher? What theological tradition is the publisher in? Catholic, liberal, evangelical, reformed, or broad academic? Some journals have an inherent bias that will impact articles printed in them. Is the journal: liberal or conservative, centrist, feminist in stance? Can you determine what its orientation is? Examine the table of contents and/or headings to determine if the book is organized in a logical and understandable manner. Do the contents indicate that the book contains the information you need?

How thoroughly does the material cover the topic? Is there added material such as appendices? Is the material organized, focused, and clearly presented? Is the argument or presentation understandable? Is this original research, a review of previous research, or an informative piece? Table of rosalind essay, contents Index Introduction/Preface Book reviews Reviews of the literature. Some topics require current information, while other subjects, value older material as well as current. If the topic is controversial and/or rapidly changing, it is periodical was pioneered by, important to choose recent materials. Rosalind Franklin Biography! Older materials may be used for topics explored from business presentation a historical perspective. Examine the currency of the book/article; is it: up-to-date, out-of-date, or timeless? Is the author an franklin, expert in this field?

Is the author reliable? Where is the author employed? What else has he/she written? Preface of book Biographical sources in modified food, library (e.g. Rosalind Franklin Biography Essay! P. W. Carey J.T.

Lienhard, Biographical dictionary of Christian theologians , 2000). Type of publisher. Sources of Information/Perspective/Bias. Where is the author getting information? What types of support stem essay, research methods are used? What are the author's assumptions? From what perspective or school of thought is the author writing? How does the book/article fit into franklin essay, the big picture?

In what context is the book/article written? In what time period? Are there outside influences that are reflected in the book/article such as a particular theoretical framework or model (e.g. a feminist interpretation, post-liberal, denominational)? Has the author clearly and unambiguously formulated a problem/issue and established its significance? What are the strengths and support research essay, weaknesses of the way the author has done so? Could the problem have been approached from another perspective? Has the author evaluated the literature relevant to rosalind franklin, the topic? Does the author include literature taking positions s/he does not agree with? Is the analysis accurate and relevant to the research question?

Are the conclusions validly based upon stem cell research, the evidence and analysis? Is the rosalind franklin essay, author objective, or is business, s/he merely 'proving' what s/he already believes? Have similar materials been published? How do they compare? How important is this publication for the subject? Scholarly works always contain a bibliography of the rosalind essay, resources that were consulted. Bibliographical references should be in sufficient quantity and be appropriate for development dissertation the content. Determine: if a bibliography exists if the bibliography is short or long if the bibliography is rosalind franklin essay, selective or comprehensive, if the supply paper, references are primary sources (e.g. journal articles) or only secondary sources (e.g. encyclopedias) if the biography essay, references are contemporary to the book or much older, and if the genetic essay, citation style is clear and consistent. A well researched, well-written book/article is not going to be helpful if it does not address the topic at hand. Is the book/article relevant to rosalind franklin biography, the current research project?

Ask, is this book/article useful to me? If it is useful, does it: support an argument refute an argument provide wrong information that can be challenged or disagreed with cover the topic comprehensively, partially or is it an overview? How does the author structure his or her argument? Can you 'deconstruct' the flow of the argument to analyze if/where it breaks down? Is this a book/article that contributes to green chain management research, our understanding of the problem under study, and in what ways is it useful for practice?

What are the strengths and limitations? How does this book/article fit into the thesis or question you are developing? For what type of reader is the franklin biography essay, author writing? Is the level of the book/article appropriate for your needs? Is the book/article intended for a scholarly or general audience? Introduction Level of language used Type of publication/publisher the material is found in. Are charts, graphs, maps, photographs, etc. used to illustrate concepts? Are the illustrations relevant? Are they clear and professional looking?

Do they enhance the text? To evaluate a web page (and determine if you want to use it for your research) look for: Why was the phd thesis problem, page created? Is the page organized and biography essay, focused? Is it well designed? Is the text well written? Are the genetic food, links relevant and appropriate?

Are the links evaluated? Is the biography essay, scope or purpose of the business presentation, web page clearly stated? Is the document written for an academic audience? Are the sources for rosalind biography any factual information clearly listed? Is a bibliography or list of support stem, works cited provided? Can you verify citations from your own academic resources? Is the information free of rosalind essay, spelling and grammatical errors? Distinguish between fact and opinion. Since web resources are rarely reviewed, the information provided should not be accepted at face value. Some web pages have an inherent bias that will impact everything that appears on them. What is the theological orientation of the author or sponsor?

Is there objective analysis as opposed to mere expression of stem cell, opinion? Is the information presented with a minimum of bias? Is there use of bibliographical references to rosalind franklin biography, other credible sources? The value of business presentation, a web page is closely related to currency and timeliness. When was it last revised? Are the links still viable? Is the date of creation of the page provided? Are the links in the document current (i.e. have not expired or moved)? Is the web page relevant to the current research project? A well-researched, well-written, page is not going to be helpful if it does not address the topic at hand. Ask, is this useful to biography essay, me?

If it is useful, does it: support an phd thesis, argument refute an argument provide wrong information that can be challenged or disagreed with productively What is the relative value of the website compared to the range of biography, information resource (print and non-print) available on the topic? What is the provenance of the website? Does the page have an identifiable, respectable author? If not, the page must be used with caution. What is the institutional affiliation of the author? Does this imply a particular theological perspective? Who is responsible for the page? Is the author an expert in this field?

What else has he/she written or produced? How accurate is the provided information? Is the author of the document clearly stated? Are the credentials of the author(s) provided (i.e. Phd Thesis Problem Statement! position, education, occupation)? Is contact information (email address, phone number and mailing address) for the author provided? Do you believe this person is qualified to write on the given topic? (look at credentials, other publications he/she has written) Is there an editorial board or someone who verifies or checks the information?

Often a web page is not signed or a specific author is not attributed to the document. If this is the rosalind franklin biography, case you should try to determine the credibility of the host or sponsoring organization of the web document. If you can, answer the following: Is the sponsoring organization reputable? To what type of reader is the web page directed? Is the level appropriate for support stem cell research essay your needs? Is the page for: general readers, students, specialists or professionals, researchers or scholars? Does the page cover the biography, topic comprehensively, partially or is it an overview? Are the links relevant and appropriate for this site? What do the links offer that is not easily available in other sources?

Are the links evaluated in any way? Are annotations included? Are the green supply chain management research, graphics clear in rosalind franklin, intent, relevant and professional looking? Do the graphics add to or enhance the content? Use the business, Chicago A style for your annotations. Be careful with the order of elements within a citation: punctuation, spacing, indenting (each line except the first within citations, etc).

Use the format outlined in K.L. Turabian, A manual for writers of rosalind, term papers, theses, and dissertations 7th ed. (Chicago, 2007). Annotations can vary in length depending on what you have to say but they should be concise (see examples below, X Examples of essay, Annotations ). Just like print sources, information derived from the web as part of your survey must be acknowledged. Although different style manuals may require different citation formats, most will include the rosalind biography, following:

Author's last name, first name Title of document Title of complete work (if different from title of document) Document date (if known and if different from date accessed) Protocol and full address Date of access. The Chicago A style for electronic resources is as follows: using the Chicago Manual of Style to include Internet sources produces the periodical essay, following model: author's name (in normal order), document title, date of Internet publication, or other retrieval information (date of access), text division (if applicable). To document a file available for viewing and downloading, provide the biography essay, following information: author's name (if known); title of document (in quotation marks); title of complete work (if applicable), in italics or underlined; date of publication or last revision (if known; otherwise use n.d.); URL in genetic modified essay, angle brackets; date of access (in parentheses). Example: Leslie R. Shade, Gender Issues in Computer Networking, 1993, May 1996). Provide the following information: author's name (if known); author's email address (in angle brackets); subject line from posting (in quotation marks); date of publication; for emails: type of communication (personal, distribution list), or for listserv, address of the listserv (in angle brackets); date of rosalind biography essay, access (in parentheses). To document a file that can be retrieved from a list serve or web address, provide the following information after the publication date: address of listserv (in angle brackets); address or URL for list's archive (preceded by via and support research essay, enclosed ion angle brackets); date of access (in parentheses). Example (Email): Danny Robinette, robinetted@ccmail.gate.eduEpiphany Project, 30 April 2000, personal email (29 May 2000). Example (Listserv): Victor Parette, On Expectations of rosalind biography, Class Participation, 27 May 2000 (29 May, 2000).

Example (Listserv Archive): Nick Carbone, ncikc@english.umass.eduNN 960126: Follow-up to Don's Comments about genetic modified essay Citing URLs, 26 January 1996, acw-l@unicorn.acs.ttu.eduvia February 1996). Bibliography entries differ from rosalind footnote/endnote references in the following ways: authors' names are inverted; elements of entries are separated by periods; the first line of each entry is aligned with the left margin, and subsequent lines are indented three or four spaces. If your paper is stem cell essay, double-spaced, double-space the rosalind franklin essay, bibliography as well. Example: Hoemann, George H. Electronic Style-Elements of Citation. Electronic Style Page. 3 November 1995. hoemann/style.html (29 May 1996). You will already have established a preliminary structure resulting from your introductory considerations (see above I Introduction ). When composing and writing your literature review and annotated bibliographies certain structural considerations are worth noting: Your review should be organized into practical sections that present themes or identify trends. Your review must be a conceptually organized synthesis of the results of your search. It must organize information and relate it to the thesis or research question you are developing synthesize results into a summary of what is and isn't known identify controversy when it appears in the literature develop questions for further research.

IX Examples of modified food, Surveys of Literature. Waldman, Nahum M. The recent study of biography, Hebrew: a survey of the supply management, literature with selected bibliography . Cincinnati: Eisenbrauns, 1989. Franklin Biography! Oesterley, W. Best Presentation! O. E. Rosalind Franklin Essay! A short survey of the literature of rabbinical and mediæval Judaism . London : Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1920. Hahn, Herbert Ferdinand. The Old Testament in modern research. With a survey of periodical essay was pioneered by, recent literature . Philadelphia: Fortress Press [1970]. Survey of current literature on the Christian mission and Christianity in the non-Western world [microform].No. 1 (1982)- Aberdeen: Scottish Institute of Missionary Studies, 1982-. Runia, David T. Philo in early Christian literature : a survey . Minneapolis: Fortress Press,1993. The content of the annotations can be varied from summative to evaluative or a mixture of both, however, at this level they will normally be evaluative. Rosalind Franklin Essay! An annotation that is purely a summary is merely a summary of the source.

A descriptive annotation defines the scope of the source, lists the significant topics included, and tells what the source is about. In the evaluative annotation you assess the source's strengths and essay was pioneered by, weaknesses. You assess why the source is interesting or helpful, or why it is not. In doing this you should list what kind of and how much information is given; in rosalind franklin, short, evaluate the source's usefulness, critically stating its place in the field in relation the best business presentation, topic you have chosen. Most annotations are a combination of these approaches with one or two sentences summarizing or describing content and one or two sentences providing an evaluation. In terms of rosalind franklin biography, writing style used in the annotations the key factor is brevity, whether you are writing in best business presentation, phrases, paragraphs, or complete sentences. Omit anything that is apparent in the title, background materials and references to previous work by the same author. You are recommended to franklin biography essay, use full sentences in your annotations. Although the length of sentences may vary, avoid long and complex sentences.

Paragraph length is expected, and they should be full and coherent. Sample annotations on the topic of chain management paper, New Testament theology follow below: Goppelt, L. Rosalind Essay! A Theology of the New Testament . Support Research! 2 vols. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1981, 1982. The first volume includes a great deal of material on the history of and methods of the discipline of biblical theology. Goppelt is especially insightful when he treats salvation history. Not as conservative as Ladd or Guthrie, Goppelt nevertheless is rosalind franklin essay, a thoughtful and careful student of Scripture, and his work deserves wide circulation, even if many will find his approach to history unduly cautious and skeptical. Guthrie, D. New Testament Theology . Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1981. More than twice as long as its closest rival (Ladd, above), this major study is distinctive for another reason: it is the only recent NT theology to development dissertation, organize its material in this way.

Guthrie selects a wide variety of themes and topics and examines how each is treated in each corpus of the NT, and then concludes with summary syntheses. Kummel, W. G. The Theology of the rosalind franklin biography, New Testament according to its Major Witnesses: Jesus-Paul-John . Nashville: Abingdon, 1973. This book hews its own line and interacts very little with secondary literature. Kummel is far more conservative than the two volume standard by genetic food Rudolf Bultmann, and very suggestive. The material is organized as in Ladd. Ladd, G. E. A Theology of the rosalind franklin biography essay, New Testament . Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1974. This theology is organized by presenting the major themes of each Biblical author/work. Green Research Paper! There is no attempt to synthesize the material for the NT as a whole, and no comparison of themes from corpus to corpus. Rosalind Franklin Essay! Nevertheless, although some coverage is patchy (e.g. on genetic essay the theology of the cross), some is outstanding, especially Ladd's treatment kingdom and of salvation history. XI Examples of Published Annotated Bibliographies. You may find it useful to rosalind franklin biography, consult some published annotated bibliographies of which the following are a sample:

Joseph A. Fitzmyer, An Introductory Bibliography for the Study of best presentation, Scripture , 3rd ed. (Rome, 1990). Douglas Moo (ed.), An Annotated Bibliography on the Bible and the Church (Deerfield, Ill., 1986). Mark A Powell, The Bible and Modern Literary Criticism: a Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography (New York, 1992). Mark Minor, Literary-Critical Approaches to the Bible: an rosalind franklin biography essay, Annotated Bibliography (West Cornwall, CT, 1992). Business Presentation! Robert J. Kepple John R. Muether, Reference Works for Theological Research: an Annotated Selective Guide for Bibliographical Research (Lanham, MD, 1992).

Henry O. Biography Essay! Thompson, The Book of Amos: an Annotated Bibliography (Lanham, MD, 1997). Research Paper! Frank E. Sugeno, Episcopal and Anglican History: 1973-1975, an annotated bibliography. Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church 46 (Mar., 1977), 115-148. XII Examples of Online Annotated Bibliographies. T. Rosalind Essay! Power, Nov. 2012.

6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1H8.

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Naval History and Heritage Command. USS Arizona (BB-39) USS Arizona (BB-39) Pitching in heavy seas during the 1930s. Official U.S. Rosalind Franklin Essay! Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives (80-G-463589). The Pennsylvania -class battleship Arizona (BB-39) was launched 19 June 1915 at best presentation, the New York Naval Shipyard, and commissioned to the United States Atlantic Fleet under the essay, command of Captain J. D. McDonald on 17 October 1916.

Arizona spent World War I patrolling the best business, waters of the Northeast as part of Battleship Division 8 out of Norfolk, Virginia, where her fuel oil requirements would not tax the franklin biography essay, short supply in Britain. Genetic Modified Food! On 18 November 1918 Arizona made her first trip across the Atlantic Ocean from Hampton Roads, Virginia, to England. From there, she supported the escorting operations of George Washington who carried President Woodrow Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference. Arizona departed the rosalind franklin essay, Atlantic Fleet in 1921, and was transferred to the Pacific fleet where she found her new homeport in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. During her time in the Pacific fleet, Arizona carried President Herbert Hoover to the West Indies and performed routine missions and training. Arizona, as well as much of the Pacific Fleet, was in port when Pearl Harbor suffered a surprize attack by development, the Japanese on franklin biography 7 December 1941, propelling the U.S. into World War II. During this raid, Arizona was hit by one torpedo and eight bombs, one of which passed through a magazine and lit cordite, causing an expansion of gases followed by a massive explosion. The ship quickly sank to the bottom of the harbor along with 1,177 of the 1,512 personnel on board, representing about half the total number of Americans killed that day. Click here for more images of Arizona during the best, attack on Pearl Harbor.

The forward magazines of USS Arizona (BB-39) explode after she was hit by a Japanese bomb, 7 December 1941. Frame clipped from a color motion picture taken from on board USS Solace (AH-5). Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives. Aerial view of Battleship Row moorings on rosalind franklin biography the southern side of Ford Island, 10 December 1941, showing damage from the Japanese raid three days earlier. Green Paper! In upper left is the sunken USS California (BB-44), with smaller vessels clustered around her. Diagonally, from left center to lower right are: USS Maryland (BB-46), lightly damaged, with the capsized USS Oklahoma (BB-37) outboard. A barge is alongside Oklahoma, supporting rescue efforts. USS Tennessee (BB-43), lightly damaged, with the sunken USS West Virginia (BB-48) outboard. USS Arizona (BB-39), sunk, with her hull shattered by the explosion of the magazines below the two forward turrets.

Note dark oil streaks on the harbor surface, originating from the sunken battleships. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives. Since the ship was moored in relatively shallow water when attacked, much of the superstructure continued to protrude out of the water. On 5 May 1942, the Navy began to disassemble and cut off the protruding parts , beginning with the foremast, then the mainmast on 23 August 1942. Rosalind Franklin! Number 1 and 2 gun turrets were removed from Arizona and placed at Army outposts along the Hawaiian coast for defensive support.

The Navy recovered 105 crewmembers’ remains from the best, wreckage. Rosalind Essay! The last of the salvaging evolutions occurred in October 1943. Arizona was removed from the commissioned list 1 December 1942. In the statement, end, only the hull and main deck remained at the bottom of the biography essay, harbor. Click here for images of salvage efforts following the raid on Pearl Harbor. In 1944, Wilber L. Development Dissertation! Bowers, an Arizona University alumnus, discovered one of franklin biography Arizona ’s bells corroding in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Washington. The bell, like many other pieces of scrapped vessels, was waiting to be melted down so it could be reused for wartime efforts. Bowers was able to retrieve the food essay, bell and have it sent to the University of Arizona in 1946, where it currently resides in the bell tower as an honor to those who had fallen. The other bell that was on Arizona remains at the memorial site. Throughout the rest of World War II, Arizona remained untouched and unnoticed.

It was not until 1950 that a flagpole for rosalind franklin essay, ceremonial visits was established on the boat deck of the wreck (Tilburg 2003). This salute to the fallen began to raise awareness about the importance of Arizona and the rest of the ships that were attacked in Pearl Harbor. Due to this attention, in 1958 legislation was passed that the phd thesis, Navy would be allowed to erect a memorial for the fallen and franklin essay receive contributions for funding it. Support Cell Essay! Construction of the memorial began in 1960 and finished in 1962. At the completion of construction, the site was dedicated on Memorial Day to all of those who had fallen during the attack on Pearl Harbor. In 1980, the visitor’s center was constructed, and the Navy turned the rosalind essay, memorial over to the National Park Service (NPS) for daily operations. Although the NPS manages Arizona, the Navy and NHHC have been intimately involved from the development, start and rosalind continue to collaborate on a number of research and public education opportunities. In 1983, the NPS’s Submerged Cultural Resources Unit, now known as the Submerged Resources Center (SRC), conducted a ten-day diving operation, taking photographs and measurements of Arizona . Teamed with the park staff and dissertation the Navy’s Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit One, SRC was able to gather a comprehensive amount of information that was not known prior to this. Thousands of measurements of the rosalind franklin biography, twisted metal were taken, attempting to business presentation get an accurate reconstruction of the ship.

One of the franklin essay, first interesting things researchers found was that at the point of the explosion that caused the ship to sink, the gunnels were several feet wider apart than in the construction plans. This suggested that the essay was pioneered, ship had expanded at the explosion site and biography essay was confirmed by business presentation, getting additional measurements by hand and infrared theodolite. When the rosalind biography essay, vessel was pieced together from the data collected, the chain research paper, scaled drawing was longer than the actual ship. During this phase of research, divers also found that the explosion from the magazine caused major structural damage, which collapsed bulkheads and sealed the exits, trapping the men within. In 1986 a biofouling and corrosion study was initiated by NPS to rosalind biography essay investigate the excessive corrosion that was taking place upon the outer surface of the ship’s hull. During 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001 the SRC conducted multiple research dives and inquiries that revolved around the corrosion and deterioration prevention of the historic vessel. Another important issue that was documented during this period was the amount of the leaking oil from the ship. Support Stem Essay! Arizona contains several hundred thousand gallons of Bunker C fuel oil that has been slowly leaking since its sinking in 1941. Close monitoring of the situation began in essay this period, and research was initiated on how to address the issue. Open hatch and cover just behind the dissertation, No. 1 gun turret located on the forward port side of USS Arizona.

Image courtesy of the National Park Service, World War II Valor in rosalind essay the Pacific National Monument. In 2003, the National Park Service received an official grant from the Legacy Resources Management Program to be directed towards the development of a long term management plan for Arizona . The insights gained from this study were designed to prevent environmental hazards from oil release, as well as to establish long-term preservation protocols. Since Arizona’ s sinking, the corrosion of the hull has varied from 1.1 to 6.0 mils per year (1 mil = one thousandth of an development inch). From 2003 to 2004, a number of improved techniques were employed to gain insight into essay, forces affecting the wreck, which include environmental as well as human processes. Researchers used remotely operated vehicles to conduct various tests, including: measuring corrosion potential of metal surfaces, assessing microbial impacts, and collecting oil samples. Annual studies on the wreck beginning in 2004 help to inform further management considerations on the structural integrity of the ship in order to minimize environmental impacts. Geological studies are important for understanding the movement of the seafloor that may impact hull stability in the long term. Core samples from around the supply research paper, wreck have been taken to provide accurate stratigraphic information and measure the stability of the sediments the ship rests upon. In 2009, site formation studies were conducted using the finite element analysis (FEA) to create a program that would allow scientists to calculate the future structural strength and integrity of the ship. The FEA program uses experimental variables based on known processes and observable data to model the mechanical properties of the ship, dividing the franklin biography, surface into small shapes that reflect the deformations and deflections over time on specific parts of the vessel. PEARL HARBOR (Oct.

21, 2014) Shawn Hurley, a subject matter expert at Autodesk, takes photographs of USS Arizona during a data-collection evolution in Pearl Harbor. The underwater photos will be input into essay was pioneered, software that will create 3D data models of the photographed areas. The National Park Service is working with several companies and agencies to gather data points to create an accurate 3D model of the ship. Rosalind Biography Essay! (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Gary Keen/Released) In 2016, research will focus on interior and best business exterior photo documentation, mapping, and 3D modeling utilizing digital HD video and photography. Efforts are being made to accurately create visual media designed for people that are not able to go visit the franklin essay, memorial or dive underwater and experience the ways research is done from a submerged perspective.

3D reconstructions will allow visitors to feel, touch, and see history in dissertation a unique perspective. Archaeological research allows us to apply scientific techniques to biography interpret the Navy’s stories and experiences in a way that educates the development dissertation, public and honors our veterans. Essay! The Navy’s sunken military craft represent a non-renewable, fragile, and untapped repository for science, technology, and history. Arizona is one of the most monitored wrecks in the Navy’s collection. Studies of Arizona have created detailed data sets of the environmental interactions between the harbor and the large steel battleship. These have provided an invaluable research tool to further archaeological, conservation, and technological advances in several fields. Archaeology also lets us see the modified food, how and why the physical ship itself changed over franklin, time to by reflect its operational environment.

Starting out as a ship designed to perform in the Atlantic, its gradual transformation to franklin a pacific battleship, and today a memorial of submerged heritage. While it is not common to think of just how much vessels change over time and how they reflect the ideas, strategies, and people during and after its service, archaeological studies make these processes more apparent. Active Naval Contribution. The Arizona memorial has many people who run the daily operations of the sight. An important component of the green management research paper, staff is the active duty Navy service members who are part of a detachment that work daily at this sight. These personnel render honors daily over the site, as well as give tours to biography thousands of people about the history of Arizona and supply chain management research paper Pearl Harbor. The inclusion of rosalind franklin biography essay these service members perpetuates the heritage of the United States Navy and allows those currently serving to honor those who have gone before them.

PEARL HARBOR (Nov. 7, 2014) Aviation Structural Mechanic 2nd Class Jennifer Usenick, assigned to the Golden Eagles of Patrol Squadron (VP) 9, reads the list of fallen military members following colors aboard the USS Arizona Memorial in support stem research Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The memorial marks the resting place of more than 1,000 Sailors and Marines who were killed aboard the battleship USS Arizona (BB 39) during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Amber L. Porter/Released) Along with the rosalind franklin essay, rest of the nation, NHHC recognizes the importance of Arizona and the remembrance of phd thesis problem statement those lost during the attacks on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. Franklin Biography Essay! NHHC continues to green management research paper preserve a large portion of the Arizona archives. Photographs, official letters, and ship’s logs can all be found in the naval archives based out of the rosalind, Washington Navy Yard in stem research Washington, D.C. This archival collection is not limited to essay Arizona , but represents all of the other naval vessels involved in the attacks as well. NHHC historians and chain paper communication professionals have sought to interview survivors of this attack to gain a better perspective of the heroic actions taken that day. NHHC was also approached for the factual interpretation of Michael Bay’s film, “Pearl Harbor.” NHHC continues to provide new research and analysis of this pivotal moment in rosalind essay American history for the public. These contributions from the researchers and periodical essay was pioneered professionals at NHHC allow for a better understanding and interpretation of the events that occurred on this unforgettable day.

The Sextant blog entries on Pearl Harbor. A thorough take on Pearl Harbor by Vice Admiral Homer N. Wallin. NHHC photographic collection on the Pearl Harbor Raid. Oral Histories from survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor 75 th Remembrance Anniversary. Commemorations for the 75 th anniversary of Pearl Harbor will be taking place from Coast to Coast.

In December 2016 the National Park Service will host a twelve day event, December 1-11, commemorating the lives lost during the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

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43 Resume Tips That Will Help You Get Hired. Rosalind Franklin Biography Essay. When you haven’t updated your resume in a while, it can be hard to know where to stem cell research essay, start. What experiences and accomplishments should you include for rosalind essay, the jobs you’ve got your eye on? What new resume rules and trends should you be following? And seriously, one page or two? Well, search no more: We’ve compiled all the resume advice you need into one place. Read on for tips and tricks that’ll make sure you craft a winning resume—and help you land a job.

Your resume should not have every work experience you’ve ever had listed on it. Essay. Think of your resume not as a comprehensive list of your career history, but as a marketing document selling you as the perfect person for the job. For each resume you send out, you’ll want to highlight only the accomplishments and skills that are most relevant to the job at hand (even if that means you don’t include all of your experience). Job search expert Lily Zhang explains more about what it means to biography, tailor your resume here . 2. But Keep a Master List of All Jobs. Since you’ll want to be swapping different information in and out depending on development, the job you’re applying to, keep a resume master list on your computer where you keep any information you’ve ever included on a resume: old positions, bullet points tailored for different applications, special projects that only sometimes make sense to include. Then, when you’re crafting each resume, it’s just a matter of cutting and pasting relevant information together. Think of this as your brag file . 3. Rosalind Franklin Biography Essay. Put the Best Stuff “Above the periodical essay was pioneered Fold” In marketing speak, “above the fold” refers to what you see on the front half of essay, a folded newspaper (or, in the digital age, before you scroll down on a website), but basically it’s your first impression of a document. In resume speak, it means you should make sure your best experiences and accomplishments are visible on the top third of your resume. Genetic Modified. This top section is what the hiring manager is going to see first—and what will serve as a hook for rosalind biography essay, someone to keep on reading. So focus on putting your best, most relevant experiences first—and then check out these five other marketing tricks to get your resume noticed . Supply Chain Research. According to Zhang , the rosalind franklin essay only occasion when an best presentation, objective section makes sense is when you’re making a huge career change and need to explain from the get-go why your experience doesn’t match up with the position you’re applying to. Rosalind. In every other case?

Consider whether a summary statement would be right for you —or just nix it altogether to save space and focus on making the essay was pioneered by rest of biography, your resume stellar. There are lots of different ways to organize the information on your resume, but the good old reverse chronological (where your most recent experience is listed first) is dissertation still your best bet. Unless it’s absolutely necessary in rosalind franklin essay your situation, skip the development skills-based resume—hiring managers might wonder what you’re hiding. The two- (or more!) page resume is a hotly debated topic , but the bottom line is this—you want the information here to be concise, and making yourself keep it to one page is a good way to force yourself to do this. If you truly have enough relevant and important experience, training, and rosalind essay credentials to showcase on more than one page of your resume, then go for it. But if you can tell the same story in essay by less space?

Do. If you’re struggling, check out essay these tips for cutting your content down , or work with a designer to presentation, see how you can organize your resume to fit more in less space. Can’t figure out biography how to cell research essay, tell your whole story on one page, or want to be able to include some visual examples of your work? Instead of trying to have your resume cover everything, cover the most important details on that document, and then include a link to your personal website , where you can dive more into what makes you the biography essay ideal candidate. We’ll talk about getting creative in order to stand out in a minute. Development Dissertation. But the most basic principle of good resume formatting and design? Keep it simple. Use a basic but modern font, like Helvetica, Arial, or Century Gothic. Make your resume easy on hiring managers’ eyes by using a font size between 10 and biography essay 12 and leaving a healthy amount of white space on the page.

You can use a different font or typeface for business presentation, your name, your resume headers, and rosalind essay the companies for which you’ve worked, but keep it simple and support stem research essay keep it consistent. Your main focus here should be on readability for the hiring manager. Essay. That being said, you should feel free to… Really want your resume stand out from the support sea of Times New Roman? Yes, creative resumes—like infographics, videos, or presentations—or resumes with icons or graphics can set you apart, but you should use them thoughtfully. If you’re applying through an ATS, keep to the standard formatting without any bells and whistles so the essay computer can read it effectively. If you’re applying to a more traditional company, don’t get too crazy, but feel free to best, add some tasteful design elements or a little color to make it pop. No matter what, don’t do it unless you’re willing to put in the time, creativity, and design work to make it awesome. 10. Make Your Contact Info Prominent.

You don’t need to rosalind franklin biography essay, include your address on your resume anymore (really!), but you do need to make sure to best business, include a phone number and professional email address (not your work address!) as well as other places the hiring manager can find you on the web, like your LinkedIn profile and Twitter handle. (Implicit in this is that you keep these social media profiles suitable for franklin biography essay, prospective employers.) You’ve heard before that hiring managers don’t spend a lot of time on each individual resume. Business. So help them get as much information as possible, in as little time as possible. These 12 small formatting changes will make a huge difference. Know that design skills aren’t your strong suit but want your resume to look stunning? There’s no shame in getting help, so consider working with a professional resume designer. This is rosalind franklin biography essay arguably the most important document of chain, your job search, so it’s worth getting it exactly right! 13. Franklin. Keep it Recent, Keep it Relevant.

As a rule, you should only show the best presentation most recent 10-15 years of your career history and only include the experience relevant to the positions to which you are applying. And remember to franklin essay, allocate real estate on your resume according to importance. If there’s a choice between including one more college internship or going into more detail about your current role, always choose the latter (unless a previous job was more relevant to the one you’re applying to). 14. No Relevant Experience? No Worries! Don’t panic if you don’t have any experience that fits the bill. Instead, Zhang explains , focus your resume on your relevant and transferrable skills along with any related side or academic projects, and phd thesis problem statement then make sure to pair it with a strong cover letter telling the narrative of why you’re ideal for the job. No matter how long you’ve been in a job, or how much you’ve accomplished there, you shouldn’t have more than five or six bullets in rosalind biography a given section. No matter how good your bullets are, the recruiter just isn’t going to dissertation, get through them.

Check out these tips for writing impressive bullet points . You may be tempted to throw in tons of rosalind biography, industry jargon so you sound like you know what you’re talking about, but ultimately you want your resume to be understandable to the average person. Remember that the first person who sees your resume might be a recruiter, an assistant, or even a high-level executive—and you want to business, be sure that it is readable, relevant, and interesting to all of franklin biography essay, them. Use as many facts, figures, and numbers as you can in your bullet points. Best Business. How many people were impacted by your work? By what percentage did you exceed your goals?

By quantifying your accomplishments, you really allow the hiring manager to picture the essay level of work or responsibility you needed to achieve them. Even if you don’t actually work with numbers, here are some secrets to adding more to your resume . People hire performers, so you want to show that you didn’t just do stuff, but that you got stuff done! As you look at your bullet points, think about how you can take each statement one step further and add in what the benefit was to your boss or your company. By doing this, you clearly communicate not only what you’re capable of, but also the direct benefit the employer will receive by hiring you. If you’re not sure how to explain your impact, check out stem cell research essay these tips for franklin essay, turning your duties into accomplishments . Describing soft skills on a resume often starts to sound like a list of meaningless buzzwords, fast.

But being a “strong leader” or an “effective communicator” are important characteristics you want to green supply, get across. Think about how you can demonstrate these attributes in your bullet points without actually saying them. Zhang demonstrates here how you can show five different qualities with the same bullet point—try it yourself until you get the result you’re going for! 20. Don’t Neglect Non-Traditional Work. Rosalind Franklin Biography Essay. There’s no law that says you can only put full-time or paid work on dissertation, your resume.

So, if you’ve participated in a major volunteer role, worked part-time, were hired as a temporary or contract worker , freelanced, or blogged? Absolutely list these things as their own “jobs” within your career chronology. If every bullet in your resume starts with “Responsible for,” readers will get bored very quickly. Rosalind. Use our handy list of better verbs to mix it up ! Use keywords in essay by your resume: Scan the rosalind franklin essay job description, see what words are used most often, and make sure you’ve included them in your bullet points. Not only is this a self-check that you’re targeting your resume to supply management research paper, the job, it’ll make sure you get noticed in applicant tracking systems. Stuck on which words to include? Dump the rosalind franklin job description into problem statement, a tool like TagCrowd , which will analyze and spit out the most used keywords. What words shouldn’t you include? Detail-oriented, team player, and hard worker—among other vague terms that recruiters say are chronically overused . We bet there’s a better way to describe how awesome you are.

24. Experience First, Education Second. Unless you’re a recent graduate, put your education after your experience. Chances are, your last couple of jobs are more important and relevant to rosalind, you getting the periodical job than where you went to college. 25. Rosalind Essay. Also Keep it Reverse Chronological. Usually, you should lay down your educational background by listing the most recent or advanced degree first, working in support stem essay reverse chronological order. But if older coursework is more specific to the job, list that first to grab the reviewer’s attention. Don’t list your graduation dates. The reviewer cares more about whether or not you have the degree than when you earned it. If you graduated from college with high honors, absolutely make note of franklin biography essay, it.

While you don’t need to list your GPA, don’t be afraid to dissertation, showcase that summa cum laude status or the fact that you were in the honors college at your university. 28. Include Continuing or Online Education. Don’t be afraid to include continuing education, professional development coursework, or online courses in your education section, especially if it feels a little light. Kelli Orrela explains , “Online courses are a more-than-accepted norm nowadays, and your participation in them can actually show your determination and motivation to get the skills you need for your career.” Be sure to add a section that lists out all the essay relevant skills you have for a position, including tech skills like HTML and Adobe Creative Suite and essay was pioneered by any industry-related certifications. Just make sure to skip including skills that everyone is expected to have, like using email or Microsoft Word. Doing so will actually make you seem less technologically savvy. Franklin Biography. If you have lots of skills related to support cell, a position—say, foreign language, software, and leadership skills—try breaking out one of rosalind franklin biography, those sections and listing it on its own. Below your “Skills” section, add another section titled “Language Skills” or “Software Skills,” and detail your experience there.

Again—we’re going for genetic modified, skimmability here, folks! Feel free to franklin essay, include an “Interests” section on problem, your resume, but only add those that are relevant to the job. Rosalind Franklin. Are you a guitar player with your eye on a music company? Definitely include it. But including your scrapbooking hobby for a tech job at a healthcare company? Don’t even think about essay it. 32. Beware of Interests That Could Be Controversial.

Maybe you help raise money for your church on the reg. Or perhaps you have a penchant for biography, canvassing during political campaigns. Yes, these experiences show a good amount of work ethic—but they could also be discriminated against by someone who disagrees with the cause. Zhang explains here how to weigh the decision of whether to include them or not. Do include awards and accolades you’ve received, even if they’re company-specific awards. Development Dissertation. Just state what you earned them for, e.g., “Earned Gold Award for franklin biography, having the periodical essay was pioneered company’s top sales record four quarters in a row.” What about franklin personal achievements—like running a marathon—that aren’t totally relevant but show you’re a driven, hard worker? Zhang shares the proper ways to include them. Gaps and Other Sticky Resume Situations.

If you stayed at a (non-temporary) job for only a matter of months, consider eliminating it from your resume. According to The New York Times ’ career coach , leaving a particularly short-lived job or two off your work history shouldn’t hurt, as long as you’re honest about your experience if asked in an interview. If you have gaps of a few months in your work history, don’t list the usual start and end dates for periodical was pioneered by, each position. Use years only (2010-2012), or just the franklin essay number of essay was pioneered by, years or months you worked at your earlier positions. If you’ve job-hopped frequently, include a reason for leaving next to each position, with a succinct explanation like “company closed,” “layoff due to downsizing,” or “relocated to new city.” By addressing the rosalind essay gaps, you’ll proactively illustrate the reason for your sporadic job movement and make it less of an issue. Re-entering the workforce after a long hiatus? This is the problem perfect opportunity for rosalind franklin biography, a summary statement at the top, outlining your best skills and accomplishments. Then, get into your career chronology, without hesitating to phd thesis statement, include part-time or volunteer work. Rosalind. See more tips from Jenny Foss for killing it on problem statement, your comeback resume. Don’t try to rosalind essay, creatively fill in gaps on your resume. For example, if you took time out modified food of the workforce to raise kids, don’t list your parenting experience on your resume, a la “adeptly managed the growing pile of laundry” (we’ve seen it).

While parenting is as demanding and intense a job as any out there, most corporate decision makers aren’t going to take this section of rosalind, your resume seriously. Research Essay. 39. Ditch “References Available Upon Request” If a hiring manager is interested in you, he or she will ask you for references—and will assume that you have them. There’s no need to address the obvious (and doing so might even make you look a little presumptuous!). It should go without saying, but make sure your resume is free and clear of franklin essay, typos. Phd Thesis Problem Statement. And don’t rely on spell check and grammar check alone—ask family or friends to take a look at it for you (or get some tips from an rosalind biography essay, editor on development dissertation, how to perfect your own work ). Franklin Biography. If emailing your resume, make sure to always send a PDF rather than a .doc.

That way all of your careful formatting won’t accidentally get messed up when the hiring manager opens it on his or her computer. To make sure it won’t look wonky when you send it off, Google’s head of problem statement, HR Laszlo Bock suggests, “Look at franklin essay, it in both Google Docs and Word, and then attach it to an email and open it as a preview.” Ready to save your resume and was pioneered by send it off? Save it as “Jane Smith Resume” instead of essay, “Resume.” It’s one less step the hiring manager has to statement, take. Rosalind Franklin Biography. Carve out some time every quarter or so to development, pull up your resume and make some updates. Have you taken on new responsibilities? Learned new skills? Add them in. When your resume is updated on rosalind, a regular basis, you’re ready to pounce when opportunity presents itself.

And, even if you’re not job searching, there are plenty of good reasons to keep this document in tip-top shape. Photo courtesy of phd thesis problem, Hero Images / Getty Images . Erin Greenawald is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist who is passionate about elevating the standard of writing on the web. Erin previously helped build The Muse’s beloved daily publication and led the company’s branded content team. If you’re an individual or company looking for help making your content better—or you just want to go out to tea—get in touch at Rosalind Biography. Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for this class.

While you#39;re here, you may as well check out all the statement amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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essay copies Copies and rosalind Forgeries: What Difference Does It Make? If originality is a primary value in the modern art market, then copies, whether had-painted or mechanical reproductions, become problematic. Copies would seem to be bad because they are not unique and the more there are of support cell essay such objects, the less valuable they are. Franklin Biography! Masterpieces are supposed to periodical essay was pioneered by be ‘one of a kind’ objects, but artists even great ones - have always copied. They did it in order to learn; they did it for franklin biography essay, pleasure and they did it for business presentation, clients who want copies of unavailable works. “Titian, Tintoretto, El Greco and Poussin were great copiers”. Rubens imitated Michelangelo, Raphael, Tintoretto, Titian, Veronese and others.

In the 19 th century, Delacroix, Gericault, Manet, Degas and Cezanne spent time copying paintings in the Louvre. Titian’s Bacchania was copied by Rubens, Van Dyck and Poussin. His Entombment was copied by Gericault, Delacroix, Fantin- Latour, Cezanne, Chagall and Derain. Some artists have copied their own work. One of the franklin essay greatest artists of the end of the 18 th century, the French sculptor, Jean-Antoine Houdon, produced more than forty replicas of best business presentation one bust of Voltaire, sixteen copies of his bust of John Paul Jones and thirty copies of rosalind his bust of Sophie Arnould and had plans to make as many as two hundred copies of a portrait of George Washington.

In some cases, the copies, some in plaster and terra cotta, were superior to the originals. Modified Food! According to the art historian, F. Winkler, Van Eyck, the master of rosalind Flemalle, Durer , Holbein, Baldung Grien, Mabuse, and Terborch produced exact duplicates of some of their pictures. (Wind) Sometimes, great artists made copies of the work of lesser artists. Rembrandt made a copy of Peter Lastman’s Suzanna and the Elders, perhaps improving on it, but Titian’s copy of phd thesis statement Jacob Seisenegger’s full-size portrait of Emperor Charles V and his Ulm Mastif - made to get a job - may or may not be an improvement. How original, and, therefore, how valuable, is a copy by a great artist of a work by another great artist? In 1525, Andrea del Sarto copied - to order - Raphael’s Leo X with Two Cardinals which was done in 1518-19. A contemporary, Giulio Romano, complimented the franklin work by saying he couldn’t tell the difference. The art historian, John Shearman, writing in 1965, thought that del Sarto had made changes that were an improvement of the original painting. Pieter Breughel the Younger made his living by making copies of his father’s paintings.

Perhaps 30 copies of the Peasant Dances are known. Essay Was Pioneered By! (Milwaukee Art Museum) For several hundred years, families and tribes of artists supported themselves by making copies of famous paintings and rosalind biography essay sculptures throughout Europe. By 1760, hundreds of copies made by the numerous followers of several 17 th century masters were circulating throughout Europe, sometimes mistakenly classified as genuine. And of course students have always copied their master’s work. Roman stonecutters made thousands of copies of essay was pioneered Greek marble and bronze statues for cult purposes (different from original Greek cults) as well as decorations for private gardens, bathhouses and other public buildings when Greek originals became too expensive to import. (Praxeteles’ Knidos Aphrodite had more than 50 replicas, the Medici Venus-type had 33, and rosalind franklin biography essay the Capitolium Venus-type had 101 surviving versions. P 97, Fn 20. Radnoti,). Many of these were eventually sold as Greek originals and later became valuable as Roman copies. There are also many Renaissance copies of antique marble statues.

Most African sculptures we know are copies made for the tourist trade - copies made by Africans. Periodical Was Pioneered! What is original African sculpture, - art made for rituals or tourists? And what is an original Inuit Eskimo sculpture carved by Indians from rosalind franklin biography essay India if you can’t tell the difference? The Caryatids on the Erechtheum on the Acropolis in Athens are copies made out of concrete and the bronze horses on the façade of St. Marks in best business Venice are also copies. Even St Marks itself is a copy of another building (in Constantinople(?) There are also imitations of the caves at Altimira and biography Lascaux. When Van Gogh made oil paintings from support essay Millet’s drawings he said he “was not so much copying as translating from franklin essay one language to another.” During the supply chain last half-century, this idea became a major, economically successful international style when Pop artists created original art by adopting the styles and subject matter of popular culture comics, magazine advertising, billboards and photography. Some of rosalind these artists even translated reproductions of fine art painting into Pop styles. Art had finally become its own subject in that images were being made of images. By! Jasper Johns made paintings of flags and targets so that the biography image and what it represented were congruent. Andy Warhol made silkscreen copies of newspaper photographs.

He also painted soup can labels and constructed Brillo Boxes. Lichtenstein made paintings of reproductions of Fine Art paintings as well as popular images in the style of comic strips. Rosenquist made paintings in the style of billboards. Although Richard Estes worked in the style of photographs, most Photo realists actually copied photographs. Robert Rauchenberg made a painting that included sweeping, spontaneous, ‘expressive’ brushstrokes and drips and then proceeded to copy this painting exactly, including the drips, among other things challenging the abstract expressionist idea of modified food essay brushstroke and drip as being expressive. The ultimate in copying and biography essay imitation as ‘original’ art was initiated by support cell research essay a movement called ‘Appropriationism’. As I mentioned in a previous paper, in the 1980’s, Mike Bidlo made a copy of Warhol’s Brillo Boxes which was originally a copy of Steve Garvey’s Brillo Box. He also exhibited 40 copies of Picasso paintings, called Not Picasso, and among others, he copied Picasso’s Mademoiselles d’Avignon and Portrait of Gertrude Stein. Rosalind Biography Essay! He has also made paintings called Not Duchamp, Not Giacometti, Not Leger, Not Matisse, Not O’Keefe, etc. When he made a painting called Not Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein, who also uses other artist’s paintings as subject matter, responded by periodical essay by copying Bidlo’s painting of his painting and called it Not Bidlo. Richard Pettibone made copies of franklin essay Duchamp’s Bottle Rack and Bicycle Wheel, both of which were originally mass-produced objects.

Some artists, like David Salle, merely ‘quote’ from the problem statement styles of several other artists in biography the same paintings. All of these artists signed their own names to supply management paper these works. Once we demand that artworks be original, we will find that we have a problem with multiple prints, - etchings, engravings, and franklin essay woodcuts made by individual artists or statues cast from clay or wax models made under the essay was pioneered by supervision of the franklin biography artist. Genetic Modified Essay! Are all such prints and statues equally original? Sculptures are cast from molds made by Rodin 100 years ago with his family’s legal permission and sold to collectors as original Rodins; prints are taken from plates made by Rembrandt 350 years ago. Bronze casts are made of rosalind Degas’ clay originals after he died. How original are they? How original are Holbein drawings etched and printed by business Lutzelberger or Breughel drawings engraved by rosalind biography essay Jerome Cock or Pieter Perret?

The use of terms like original, creative and expressive has had many dire effects on our conception of art. Such terms are, or should be, descriptive. Like “rational” and “logical”, they are processes; they describe ways of working. They do not establish the genetic modified value of the franklin biography essay results of such processes. They are not evaluative and should be used judgmentally only in appropriate contexts. Their indiscriminate use has destroyed our sense of quality. Many original, creative and expressive art objects are also failures, second rate and phd thesis statement ugly. Its emphasis in art schools at the expense of craft, knowledge of art, has resulted in the idea that anything goes. Deliberate forgeries create a special problem for the modern art market. Next to rosalind franklin biography essay prostitution, forgery is probably mankind’s oldest profession. Ever since there has been a market for desired as opposed to necessary - objects, there has been a market for forgeries.

Today, status-seeking, gullible people buy fake Rolex watches and Armani shirts; in the 6 th century BC, Phoenicians bought fake Egyptian pottery supposedly from supply management research paper 2000 years before and rosalind franklin essay rich, 2 nd century Romans bought fake 4 th century BC Greek statues as decorations for their gardens. While forgery has always accompanied (is a “by-product” of) art collecting, since the Renaissance, with the development of the aura surrounding the notion of artist-genius and especially since the green research 1880’s, with the rosalind franklin biography essay influx into the art market of “squillionaire” American art collectors, the market for Fine Art forgeries has grown immensely. Although the purpose of such forgeries for green supply chain research paper, the forger is obviously deception, whether for rosalind franklin, financial gain or personal gratification, the question is asked by many viewers, “If you can’t tell the difference, what difference does it make? What’s wrong with a fake? Tom Hoving, former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, says that fully 40% of the was pioneered 50,000 objects that he examined during his 15 years as director “were either phonies or so hypocritically restored or so misattributed that they were just the same as forgeries”. He maintains that many celebrated objects displayed in major museums around the world are fakes. For example, he considers the franklin popular relief on a Greek sarcophagus in the Boston Museum of Fine Art and the Getty’s 6 th Century BC marble Kouros to be bogus.

For many decades, three statues of Etruscan warriors were on exhibit at the Metropolitan until it was discovered that were made in 1918 by the brothers Riccardi and Alfredo Fioravanti. The Metropolitan’s famous ‘Greek’ Horse was first thought to development be 7 th Century, BC, then 5 th Century BC, then a 20 th Century fake and rosalind franklin biography is now displayed as a Roman fake of the 1 st Century BC. Possibly even Van Gogh’s, Sunflowers, bought by the Japanese Yasuda Marine and Fire Insurance Company for over 40 million dollars in 1987, is business, a forgery. Although the works of many famous 19 th and 20 th century forgers have been exposed (for example, Elmyr de Hory, Davis Stein, John Drew, Aleco Dossena and Eric Hebborn), thousands of “unrecognized or undisclosed” forged Monets, Renoirs, Matisses, Picassos, Giacomettis, Modiglianis, Rodins, Derains, Vlamincks, Dufys and biography essay others are still in private and public collections around the world. Anywhere between 15 and 40% of the objects in genetic modified art museums are estimated to be forgeries. According to the records of the New York Customs office, between 1909 and 1951, a total of 9,428 works by Rembrandt were imported into the country. A US Customs official said that 27,000 Corots had entered this country since Corot died in 1875. A Corot expert commented that this figure was short by franklin biography 10,000.

In 1934, Time magazine wrote that of the 2,000 paintings that Corot had painted, 10,000 were in American collections. It is also said that of the 200 paintings that Van Gogh painted, 500 are in this country. Chain Research! In the 16 th century, Albrecht Durer complained about rosalind essay, forgeries of his work. In 1511, on support stem essay the title page of his series of woodcuts prints, Life of the Virgin, he inscribed, “Be cursed, plunderers and imitators of the work and talent of rosalind others. Beware of laying your audacious hand on this artwork!” As the Roman poet and critic, Horace, put it 1500 years before, “He who knows a thousand works of art knows a thousand frauds.”

The fact that experience leads to greater visual discrimination does not mean that art experts, whether professional artists, curators and critics or discriminating connoisseurs will necessarily see the same thing or agree in their judgments. Development! In so far as experienced, knowledgeable people come from different backgrounds, they are likely to rosalind franklin biography essay make different assumptions about what is significant in works of art. Because they may have come from different times and places and subject to the taste of their milieu, because they may have studied different works of modified food essay art from different historical periods with different professors and rosalind franklin learned different study techniques, it is not surprising that their perceptions are not the same. People who disagree do not just respond differently to the same features; they literally see and interpreted them differently. Art historians have been famously wrong in recognizing fakes and forgeries. According to Mark Jones, in the introduction to a book on an exhibition of fakes at support cell research the British Museum, experts make mistakes, not simply “because knowledge and experience can never be complete, but because perception itself is biography essay, determined by the structure of expectations that underpin it.” What do these experts think they are looking at? What are they looking for? In fact, what are their motives for looking?

Belief and desire can make you see what’s not there as well as not see what is there. The famous Dutch art historian, Abraham Bredius, became infamous after announcing his discovery of a major, historically significant painting by Jan Vermeer, but which was really by the forger, Hans Van Meegeren. At the time, 1937, Bredius was an old man and half blind. He had spent a good part of his life trying to development dissertation discover unknown Vermeer paintings from the rosalind essay early period of green management research paper Vermeer’s life and this ‘discovery’ would be the rosalind franklin biography high point of his career. Here is Bredius on seeing Van Meegeren’s, Christ at Emmaus, with Vermeer’s forged signature: It is a wonderful moment in essay was pioneered the life of rosalind franklin biography essay a lover of business presentation art when he finds himself suddenly confronted with a hitherto unknown painting of a great master, untouched, on the original canvas, and without any restoration, just as it left the rosalind franklin essay painter’s studio! And what a picture! . The subject is Christ and the Disciples at Emmaus and the colors are magnificent and characteristic: Christ in was pioneered a splendid blue; the disciple on the left, whose face is barely visible, in franklin essay a fine grey; the other disciple on the left in yellow the yellow of the supply chain management research famous Vermeer at Dresden, but subdued so that it remains in perfect harmony with the other colors. The servant is clad in dark brown and dark grey; her expression is wonderful. Expression, indeed, is the most marvelous quality of this unique picture.

Outstanding is the rosalind franklin essay head of Christ, serene and sad, as he thinks of support stem research all the rosalind essay suffering which He, the phd thesis statement Son of God, had to biography essay pass through in His life on earth, yet full of goodness After Christ at Emmaus was accepted as authentic, Van Meegeren was able to development dissertation pass off several more of his paintings as Vermeers even though they looked less and less like his work. Although little is known of the franklin first 10 years of Vermeer’s life, there is no evidence that he ever used such heavy-lidded eyes, elongated foreheads, long hollowed cheeks or congested, confused compositions as appears progressively in Van Meegeren’s forgeries. Phd Thesis Problem Statement! Compared to Vermeer, Van Meegeren’s colors lack luminosity; his shadows are repetitive (“raccoon-like”) and his textures are unnaturally smooth. Franklin! These characteristics are more typical of Van Meegeren’s own religious paintings than Vermeer’s. Although he makes limited use of pointille’, he does not seem to understand the effects of the camera obscura or even that Vermeer probably used one. In fact, if you are knowledgeable of Van Meegeren’s milieu, you can detect traces of a 20 th century Symbolist style in development his 17 th century forgeries. Franklin Biography Essay! There are even those who can see, not only resemblances to Van Meegeren’s own face, but also to Greta Garbo’s in his paintings. Although some of presentation Bredius’ contemporaries recognized Van Meegeren’s work as forgeries, today almost everyone can see what Bredius and others could not see in 1937 and franklin the years following. Forgeries are wrong because they falsify perception. Although some forgeries may be more beautiful than originals, most are not.

Van Meegeren’s forgeries are bad, not only business because they are not what they claim to be; they are bad because they are poorly painted works into rosalind essay which good qualities are projected and whose bad qualities are imperceptible to those who believe that they are the works of Vermeer. Forgeries are also wrong because they falsify history. Best Presentation! The characteristics of a forgery accrue to the original artist. Van Meegeren’s forgeries were assumed to have filled the gap in our knowledge of Vermeer’s unknown early history. When other forgeries by essay Van Meegeren were placed on the market, they were compared with Van Meegeren’s, Christ at Emmaus then at the Boymans Museum, to determine their authenticity, and, of statement course, the characteristics of the biography essay forgery became accepted as part of Vermeer’s style.

Consider, also, that if undetected forgeries are accepted as being authentic, then even forgeries can be forged. It may not matter if a painting is business presentation, intended only to hang on a wall as decoration, but when we say that it does make a difference whether the work is an original or a fake, we are not merely talking about taste or aesthetics. Although some have maintained that beauty is more important than history, as did even the great cultural historian, Jacob Burckhardt, I argue that history determines our perception of beauty. As I have tried to essay show, what we know and assume about a work of art can’t help but affect our perception of it and, therefore, our appreciation and judgment. Works of art don’t exist in chain a vacuum, although we might get that idea when we see them, torn out of their original historical and rosalind biography functional context, hanging next to each other on a museum wall. Green Supply Management Research! They have a history; they originally served social functions in temples, churches, chapels, palaces or private homes and knowledge of biography that history determines our understanding of what is essay by, significant about them. If we know that a work is the product of a particular artist, knowledge of that person’s history, his culture, and his motives and rosalind biography essay goals, that knowledge will affect how we see his work. If we see his paintings in support stem essay relation to his other work or the work of his contemporaries, followers and predecessors, we will see where he got his ideas and franklin whom he might have influenced.

Seeing an artist’s work in this context will certainly affect our notions of his originality and uniqueness. If we know that a painting is from the hand of Vermeer, we will see it in terms of what we know about the art of 17 th century Netherlands; if we know that the modified work was by essay a forger working in 1936, we will be able to detect in it 20 th century traces which were unnoticed before. Van Meegeren’s paintings are not copies; they are original paintings from the ‘hand’ of by Van Meegeren in the assumed style of Vermeer. Only their signatures are forged. Even if the rosalind franklin biography essay Van Meegerens and business presentation the Vermeers superficially look alike, they are different objects because they have different histories.

Although works of biography art perform different functions in museums today, and development dissertation although we can’t resurrect their original milieu, we cannot or should not ignore the knowledge of what those objects are and were.